Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Okay I'm back

Going to start posting random thoughts on here again. And I mean random. I don't write professionally anymore so I'll just post stuff whenever I find the time and motivation. I finally took the time to figure out how to connect my blog posts to Twitter and Facebook. Should work pretty well.

Here are some thoughts for today:

Senator Ted Kennedy's passing is a sad but inspiring moment. He was the ultimate senator...a man who accomplished so much and made better the lives of millions of people. So many positive things we just take for granted in America today can be directly attributed to him.


Our dog Ariel hurt her leg on Sunday. She was playing out in the yard with Steva and Aidan when she just stopped in her tracks and fell on the ground yelping. Steva took her to the vet and the diagnosis is unsure at the moment, but it's possible that she's torn a ligament in her leg. She's got some painkiller pills and she's supposed to basically sit still for about two weeks. If she hasn't improved by then, she may need some kind of surgery. Poor puppy.


Aidan and I had a fun afternoon today. We stopped in Albia for Mom's Travel Iowa stop. It was fun to take Aidan along and see Mom and my grandparents. Here's a link to the post on the Travel Iowa blog.
There should be some photos of us on there soon.

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