Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama supports RFS, McCain doesn't

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama reaffirmed his support of the federal Renewable Fuels Standard on Tuesday. Obama's Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain, opposes the fuel standard that mandates a specific amount of ethanol be used in the nation's fuel supply.

Obama's statement was reported Wednesday in an article by Jerry Hagstrom for DTN Ag News:

In a telephone call to a National Farmers Union reception in Washington, Obama said he has supported the RFS and federal programs for renewable fuels since he became a senator from Illinois. He also noted that the weather-related disaster program, hospitals, the recruitment of doctors and high-speed internet service are important to rural America.

"I will keep on fighting for you as president," Obama said. "These are the legislative priorities I am going to tackle with you." Obama received the Golden Triangle from the NFU, a Democratic-leaning group.

The article also quotes Iowa Republican senator Chuck Grassley as saying that his party's platform is "inconsistent" on renewable fuels issues.

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VA Loans said...

It's true. Obama was the better pick right from the start.