Friday, April 04, 2008

Simple Solution For Fallon

Looks like Ed Fallon has gotten himself into a pickle.

He's used his private organization "I'M For Iowa" to help his congressional campaign, but he won't disclose where the organization gets its money.

Apparently -- if you follow the letter of the law -- there's nothing illegal going on, which is a good thing for Fallon. But it doesn't look good when somebody who portrays himself as a champion for campaign finance reform uses a secretive group to help his own campaign. Looks a little hypocritical.

Then today we learned that Fallon's campaign has claimed that the Federal Elections Commission "confirmed that Ed Fallon has done nothing illegal or unethical," but the FEC actually did not make any such confirmation.

Fallon has never been shy about criticizing his Democratic colleagues. Now he's the one facing some serious criticism and he needs to address it.

Seems to me there's a simple solution to Fallon's problem: Publicly disclose the list of donors and their contributions to I'M For Iowa. That ought to be a fairly quick and easy thing to do, and it would show he has nothing to hide.

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