Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Loss in Texas Should Be the End for Hillary

I'm going to go ahead and predict a victory for Barack Obama in Texas.

I think it's going to be a close one for Obama, given all of the merciless attacks he's sustained from the Clinton machine. But I believe he can pull out a victory nonetheless.

And if that happens, Hillary Clinton should drop out of the race. It would be best for the Democratic Party. Democrats need to get unified behind our nominee, and soon. This is going to be a huge battle to win the general election, and Democrats need to start working together in order to win.


Anonymous said...

to bad hillary didn't lose texas...and is still in the game

Eric said...

As it turns out... Obama DID win Texas! He came away with more delegates, and won the caucuses outright. Looks like Dien made a good prediction.

Anonymous said...

i'm not really sure what sources you are getting your information from, but Hillary won. it wasn't by much, but still a win none the less. here's the website for you, in case you still don't beleive me.