Monday, December 03, 2007

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

For the record, I don't remember what I wanted to be when I was in kindergarten. But I'm thinking it was probably a Jedi.

Or more likely, I just wanted to be the owner of a light saber. I was obsessed with Star Wars from 1977 until...well, until the present.

Hillary Clinton's campaign attacks are really starting to get ridiculous. She has blasted Barack Obama for something he said when he was in kindergarten. Clinton says Obama had told someone when he was in kindergarten that he wanted to be president. Clinton says that makes him a hypocrite. Or something like that.

I like John Edwards' response to all this. He said when he was in third grade, he wanted to be a cowboy or Superman.

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Rufus said...

Every so often a presidential race moves from just another political slugfest to an epic struggle between those who would serve the people, and those who use the people to meet the needs of a more exclusive agenda.

The crucible of this year's primary struggle is heating up to a degree that the true colors of both party's campaigns are starting to emerge.

The legacy of this Bush's administration
is how easily they were manipulated in not protecting what truly mattered - the constitution - the real test of presidential will and character in times of adversity.

I think this sits in the back of the average Iowa voter's mind as the great weigh of their responsibility this year. Hopefully, the national media will shake loose their Iowa paradigm soon enough to get their focus back on the ball - the willingness of all the presidential hopefuls to honorably protect and defend the constitution.