Friday, November 09, 2007

A Few Campaign Photos From the Past Week

I've been to several different campaign events in the area over the past week. I took lots of photos, and here are some of them.
This was at a Joe Biden event in Osky on Sunday. Biden is welcomed to town by Rep. Eric Palmer.
The Biden event at Taso's in Osky was quite full. He is a very engaging campaigner, and I think everyone who attends a Biden event will give him very serious consideration as their choice in the caucuses. His strength is definitely growing, even though polls don't show it. He is the kind of candidate that will surprise people on caucus night.

The next set of photos are from a Hillary Clinton event in Oskaloosa last Saturday. Her events are very impressive, and it's easy to see why she's the front-runner. She clearly has the support of many of the traditional Iowa caucus constituencies. And as you can see below, she actually does take questions from the crowd. At this event she took at least five questions from people in the crowd. She'll even hold the microphone for you.


Anonymous said...

I hope more Iowans will consider Joe. I think he is the best candidate.

Mary said...

I do too. My husband is in Iraq right now...this is the second time that he will spend 15 months over there. Joe Biden has the depth of experience and knowledge necessary to take on the tasks that are going to be left unfinished by Bush & Co. Also, he manages to work in a bipartisan manner that isn't often seen these days.