Thursday, November 15, 2007

Farm Bill Cloture Vote Possible Friday

The 2007 Farm Bill is still stuck in the U.S. Senate, and Democrats and Republicans have been trying to blame each other for the impasse for almost two weeks.

On Friday, a key vote to break the deadlock is likely to be held. Senators may have the opportunity to vote on a motion for cloture, a procedural move that would limit debate on the bill and finally get the ball rolling.

One problem: Cloture motions in the Senate require a 60-vote majority to pass, and a small gang of senators are currently on the other side of the country having a debate in Nevada.

Sens. Biden, Dodd, Clinton and Obama, along with the rest of the Democratic presidential candidates, are all mixing it up right now in Las Vegas. But we know those senators will all soon return to Iowa and continue asking us to support their candidacies.

For Iowans, especially rural Iowans, the Farm Bill is one of the most important pieces of legislation that the Congress will debate this year. This is a vote that those senators should not miss.

Luckily they're in Las Vegas, where it's always easy to catch a flight.

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