Thursday, November 15, 2007

CNN Las Vegas Debate Reactions

Who was the winner? Who was the loser?

Not sure if there was a winner. The loser was CNN. Wolf Blitzer had zero command of the stage as moderator. There were technical foul-ups throughout the evening. Post-debate analysis was virtually unwatchable.

Tonight's effort by CNN should be studied in a new college course: How Not To Run A Presidential Debate 101.

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Joe Judge said...

First, I am an Obama supporter so I admit I have some bias. Still there were a few things that I think will not be covered in the analysis. When Clinton was talking about a raise in the SS cap as a middle class tax cut, Obama got a good shot about Republican math. When Democrats think that people who make over $100,000 represent the majority of the middle class, we have a problem.
I agree that CNN did a horrible job with this debate. Wolf should be banned from moderating any more debates. Also, I think that it is important for Nevada Democrats to not allow the audience dictate the tone of the debate. If the debate was held in Iowa or New Hampshire Edwards would not have been booed. Once the crowd did that it changed the tone of the debate and gave Hillary an unfair advantage.