Monday, October 08, 2007

Edwards In Albia

John Edwards yesterday became the first major presidential candidate to come to Albia so far this year. We've had visits by the likes of John Cox and Tommy Thompson, but Sunday's visit by Edwards was the first big campaign event to grace our fair city all year.

Just over 100 people attended, which is a good crowd for political events in Albia.

Edwards was introduced by Monroe County Supervisor Denny Ryan. Denny has endorsed Edwards, and also supported him in 2004.

Edwards really didn't make any news in Albia, but I think he made some new friends. I heard a lot of very positive comments from people as folks were filing out of the building.
The event showed me that Edwards continues to have strong support in rural areas and small towns. This is the kind of support that can rack up a lot of delegates in the caucuses, something that many big city pundits don't really understand.

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