Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hillary and That Uncomfortable Cackle

Each of the presidential candidates have their own little idiosyncrasies. These personal peculiarities are magnified to us here in Iowa, as we see the candidates so often we get to the point where we can almost recite their stump speeches from memory.

Chris Dodd inserts the word "here" in the strangest places as he talks.

Joe Biden, when he wants to add emphasis to a certain point, often repeats the last few words of a sentence.

Bill Richardson doesn't always speak in complete sentences. He'll start talking about one subject only to go off on a tangent.

John Edwards does weird things with his tongue when he talks. And that drawl is a bit much, even for me, a guy from the sticks in southern Iowa.

These are all behaviors that have endearing qualities to them. It's just the way they are, and it's fine. We feel like we know them personally when we hear them talk.

But Hillary Clinton's phony cackle is different.

It's obvious that these laughing fits are not just part of the way she is. It's coached behavior, and she's not fooling very many of us. It's not endearing. It's actually sorta creepy.

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