Friday, August 10, 2007

Day Two at the Iowa State Fair

11:22 a.m.
I'm here at the fair and will be doing stories again for Iowa Independent. Expect lighter updates today, lots going on and not as much time to get in here to the crowded media center to get online.

I've seen John Cox and Mike Huckabee so far, and I snapped photos for use later in a story for Iowa Independent. Mike Huckabee has drawn the largest crowd yet, with a big crush of media following him around. I am going to make a prediction right now, Mike Huckabee is going to exceed all expectations at the Iowa Straw Poll tomorrow.

Oh, and he said he would not be eating any corn dogs, due to his diet. He will look for something that is mostly protein, like a pork chop or something like that.

So far I have eaten a pecan caramel roll and a milk from the awesome stand across the street from the Livestock Pavilion. Year after year, this is my absolute favorite thing to eat at the fair.


Vincent Harris said...

It's good to see a fellow blogger.

I am the Governor's blogger, and am here at the fair as well.

We have more pictures from this morning up here:

did you get to interview the Governor?

Shoor me an e-mail at and we'll see if we can arrange something

Dien Judge said...

Yes, I did visit with him. I got really busy with things later on in the day and was unable to keep this post updated. I'll be doing more about the fair after I get home and am able to digest everything.