Sunday, June 24, 2007

50 Years of Little League Baseball Celebrated in Albia

There was a very special event on Sunday here, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Little League baseball in Albia. A special dedication of a new flag pole and memorial to the founders of Albia Little League was held at Had Kausalik Park.

Everybody who has ever been involved with Little League baseball in Albia was invited to attend this dedication, and there were many people young and old who made the trip home to be a part of the celebration.

My dad, John Judge, was on the Cubs, the Little League team that won the first Albia championship in 1957. He was the catcher. Dad and Mom made sure they were on time to attend the event, quickly making their way from the Iowa Speedway in Newton to the baseball field in Albia.

This statue was dedicated as a part of the Founder's Memorial at the baseball park.

All of the teams gathered members from past and present out on the field for photos.

Dad took his place with other members of the Cubs out on the field. Dad is pictured at the far right in the photo.

Mom was asked to give an impromptu speech at the celebration.

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