Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New poll shows Culver surging ahead of Nussle

Great news for today for Iowa! Tonight on Channel 8 they showed the results of a new poll on the 2006 elections. Chet Culver has surged further ahead of Jim Nussle.

The poll shows 48 percent supporting Culver and 43 percent supporting Nussle. This leaves only 9 percent undecided, and puts Culver in a strong position to close out the election with a victory.

Digging a little deeper into the full poll results--there's a downloadable PDF version on the KCCI site. If you look closely at the PDF version of the poll results, you'll notice that among Independents polled, Culver has a nine point lead over Nussle. 50 percent of Independents are with Culver, and only 41 percent are with Nussle.

There's a whole bunch of other good news in the poll as well. In the Third District U.S. House race, Congressman Leonard Boswell has a commanding lead over Jeff Lamberti. The poll shows Boswell with an 11-point lead of 52-41.

In the race for Iowa Secretary of State, Mike Mauro holds a big lead over his opponent. Mauro leads 43-31 in that race.

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