Friday, September 08, 2006


So there's this band from England called Dragonforce. From what I understand, they're getting to be very popular with the kids these days.

What's odd about this is the fact that they are an all-out full-on-shred power metal band. Bands like this have long been the subject of ridicule, but apparently it's cool again. I've always thought music like this was cool, but I do admit I am a nerd.

As I get older, over and over I see examples of how the things I loved as a young person always become uncool, then all of a sudden, they're cool again.

Anyway, I was flipping through the channels yesterday as I was waiting for the local news. I stopped on the channel "G4TV," which is a channel dedicated mostly to video games and stuff like that. The program on G4 at the time was "Attack of the Show." The guy on there said the they were about to present a live performance of Dragonforce. Ooh, that sounds awesome, I thought. Better set the TiVo to record.

I watched it, and was underwhelmed. I daresay, it was embarrassing to watch.

They obviously didn't give their best performance. Within the first few seconds, the guitarist playing an Ibanez Iceman tripped over the bass player's leg and fell over!

It made me think...jeez, if kids these days think Dragonforce is cool, they really ought to take a listen to some truly awesome power metal bands from the good old days.

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