Monday, August 21, 2006

Political events in Albia

Sorry, I haven't posted much lately. We've kept ourselves busy over the last week around here. We went to the fair, which is always lots of fun. We also traveled out to Harlan and then on to Omaha to visit my wife's grandmas.

And then there's the garden, and we finally had a whole bunch of rain so I had to mow know how it is.

I meant to post about Rep. Leonard Boswell's visit to Albia last week, but I just didn't get it done. It was kinda funny, I was in town taking care of some errands, and I happened to see Ottumwa Courier reporter Matt Milner hanging around on the Albia square. I thought there must be something interesting going on if the Courier sent somebody to Albia. As it turned out, Rep. Boswell was walking the square, visiting with people. I also saw my old boss Dave Paxton from the Albia Newspapers covering the story.

I caught up with Boswell at Benton Avenue Antiques and said hello. I know for sure he is well on his way to a solid victory.

Here's how Matt Milner covered Boswell's visit. I've always thought Matt Milner was a really good political reporter and I have always enjoyed his articles in the Courier.

Tomorrow, Senator Tom Harkin is traveling to good old Albia to visit with Monroe County residents. The event is Tuesday, Aug. 22, at 4:15 p.m. at the Highway Restaurant out on Hwy. 34.

I'll make sure I have my camera with me this time and I'll be sure to post something tomorrow night.

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