Monday, August 28, 2006

Photo of Restoration Days Parade in Albia

A good friend just e-mailed this photo of Mom in the Albia Restoration Days Parade on Saturday.

The weather for the parade was very nice, and there were large crowds of people all along the parade route. If you look closely in the picture, at the far left...that's me with the dark green shirt. I was making sure there were many, many people sporting Culver/Judge stickers on their shirts. At the far right is my sister-in-law with the two "grand-dogs" all dressed up in Culver shirts. If you look closely in the crowd by the yellow truck, you can also see my brother Joe.

We were followed in the parade by The Boz himself, Congressman Leonard Boswell. Boswell's crew was really working hard. It was hard for me to keep up with Boswell's crew with the stickering.

If you've never been to Restoration Days in Albia, I strongly encourage you to check it out next year.

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