Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New poll: Culver winning, Nussle losing

There are some new poll numbers out there for the Iowa governor's race, and our man Chet Culver is winning!

The poll was done by Rasmussen, which is one of the most reliable pollsters out there.

Here are the numbers:
Culver - 41%
Nussle - 38%
Not Sure - 17%
Some Other Candidate - 4%

Political Forecast has some good analysis of the poll here.

Here's my spin on the poll numbers:

Jim Nussle has outspent Chet Culver by a huge margin so far in this campaign, and Culver continues to lead.

Culver has accomplished this by assembling a great team, by being direct and honest about his beliefs and goals, and by putting forward a bold vision to lead Iowa forward.

To his credit, Nussle has also detailed a lot of ideas and plans. Good for him. But Nussle is on the wrong side of a lot of important issues. Real issues that matter, like properly funding public eduction. And, obviously, Nussle's biggest drawback is the fact that he's a Bush crony at a time when lots and lots of people are getting really tired of George Bush.

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