Thursday, August 10, 2006

Culver and Harkin visit Ottumwa

This morning I went to Ottumwa, where Chet Culver and Sen. Tom Harkin visited for a discussion focusing on the minimum wage.
There was a good crowd on hand, with lots of familiar faces from Ottumwa. And I wasn't the only one who drove over from Monroe County. I saw my neighbor there, and I didn't even know she was going.

State Sen. Keith Kreiman did the introduction, and he noted that next year, when the Legislature is controlled by Democrats, the very first bill that will be passed will be an increase in the Iowa minimum wage.
Culver and Harkin both discussed at length the importance and impact of raising the minimum wage during their speeches. They also discussed how many times Congressman Nussle has worked against raising the federal minimum wage.
Harkin talked about the sham that the Republicans recently tried to pull when they attached an increase of the federal minimum wage to a huge tax break for rich people.

And I heard a new theme that really has a nice ring to it. Culver versus Congressman Nussle: Iowa common sense versus Washington D.C. nonsense.

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