Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thank You

Sorry this has taken so long to get a thank-you posted, but I couldn't get connected to Blogger for most of the day.

Last night was an awesome evening for all of us who have worked so hard on this campaign.

I have to say that the staff and volunteers who assembled for the Culver campaign are a force to be reckoned with. I want to extend my gratitude to all of you. With a crew like we have, we should have no problem in November. We just have to keep up the intensity and never back down.

And I can't say thank-you enough to all of my friends out there, all over Iowa. I believe you guys made a big difference in this thing. Oh, and by the way...I'll be bugging you guys again later this summer, cause this thing ain't over yet.

The Primary phase of the election is now finished. The Iowa Democratic Party has chosen its candidate and its message. Now we have to get our party unified. We have to work together to make sure Congressman Jim Nussle never takes up residence at Terrace Hill!

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