Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rubbermaid to close plant in Centerville

This is another devastating loss to our area. Rubbermaid is closing its plant in Centerville, leaving at least 500 people out of a job within 90 days.

Lots of people from Albia worked there. I have several friends who worked at Rubbermaid after we got out of high school.

This area of the state is really in desperate need of some good economic news, and we're just not getting much. We're looking forward to the big development of Honey Creek State Park at Rathbun Lake, but it can't possibly replace 500 manufacturing jobs lost in Centerville.

This is just more evidence that the state of Iowa needs a new direction in its economic development efforts.

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Anonymous said...

Its sad about Rubbermaid. We lost allot of jobs here. Its more sad about how the people of Centerville are in response. There is little growth because the people of the town really dont want this town to become a modern urban center. There are all these awards (most recently published)that have come to this town and unfortunately none have them have seen much incentive or direction. Its getting quite sad. I hope people put into this town more than they are getting out of it. Smoke and mirrors only go so far. For some are planning to leave Centerville now and many others I hear are planning to. There are not many decent jobs are to be found. For the future we worry hard.