Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rain needed

We need rain badly. I'm going to have to do some serious irrigation soon.

But overall, the garden has been very successful this year. I think we've finally found the best location for it.

So far, we've enjoyed lots of nice radishes, spinach, green onions and a very tasty variety of leaf lettuce.

Tonight, I harvested the very first pepper of the year. It's small, but promises to be spicy.

We currently have 18 tomato plants growing nicely, a large patch of potatoes, a row of broccoli, a row of carrots, some cucumbers, lima beans and green beans. We've had some serious bug problems on the beans, but I'm avoiding the use of pesticides.

We also have a nice variety of peppers, including green and yellow bell peppers, jalapenos and some little red hot ones. There's also an experimental row of garlic, which I really hope is successful.

And I can't forget the most important plant in the garden: sweet corn. I have built a three-wire electric fence just to protect the corn from the horde of raccoons that reside just beyond the edge of the woods.

Anyway, the dirt is bone dry. I'm going to do a rain dance tomorrow, and if that doesn't work...the Rathbun Regional Water Association is going to be getting a lot more of my business.

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