Saturday, June 17, 2006

Live at the Iowa Democratic Party State Convention

I'm here at the Polk County Convention Complex liveblogging with by brother's Mac Powerbook G4.

Lt. Gov. Sally Pederson is speaking now.

Now we're discussing a special resolution on ethanol. I like this resolution. I'll get the text of it later and post it.
Next it's a resolution on deficit and debt, followed by a resolution on education.
And now a resolution thanking and recognizing Gov. Tom Vilsack for his leadership as governor.

Iowa Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald has now taken the stage and he's talking about the state's college savings plan and the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt.

Now a resolution honoring Lt. Gov. Sally Pederson for her tireless work for the Iowa Democratic Party.

Whoa, here comes Tom Harkin! I'm going to sign off for a while and listen to this. Added a photo above.

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