Friday, May 19, 2006

Road Trip -- Part 2

It wasn't long before people began arriving at The Cottage. We had put about 50 or 60 chairs out, and we thought we had plenty of room. More and more people arrived, and the chairs began filling up quickly. A good showing of my old Iowa City pals arrived, and it was really nice to see them there.
Then the TV crew came in and it started getting a little crowded. It wasn't long before all of the chairs were taken and it was a standing-room-only event. I think we were getting close to having 80 people, and someone said that was the maximum allowed by fire code! (I hear Blouin had about 50 last week at his event in Iowa City, to me that shows Blouin has a weaker ground game)

Chet arrived with the crew and it was on. Chet was introduced and endorsed by Terrence Neuzil, a member of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors.

Chet gave his stump speech, receiving applause many times. The crowds always love it when Chet says, "If you like George Bush, you're gonna love Jim Nussle!"

Afterwards, as people were chatting and mingling, I introduced myself to Dave Loebsack, Democratic candidate for Congress. I was really happy to meet him and chat, even though I reside outside his district (by about three miles). I wish him the best in his campaign. He's going to be a great Congressman.

A little later I overheard a gentleman ask the Culver staff "Where's Patty?" (Mom was not in attendance, she was doing other campaign work in Des Moines)
It wasn't long and the gentleman and his wife were pointed my way. He said to me, with a grin on his face, "Is your mom a nurse?"

I said in response, "She worked for about 20 years as a Registered Nurse at the Monroe County Hospital and in Monroe County Public Health."

The man's wife said to me, "Once a nurse, always a nurse." The lady, who is a nurse as well, told me she saw that nasty attack and it made her mad and she called the union that was responsible for it and complained to them. Basically she said that if somebody is certified as a Registered Nurse, they should be proud of that for the rest of their life, especially if they worked as a nurse for that long.

I helped clean up a little bit after the crowd dispersed, and then I headed back to my Old Roomie's place, where some more old friends were gathering.

He grilled a delicious meal, featuring a flavorful grilled salmon steak with a tangy mango salsa. It was superb. I washed it down with a familiar and wonderful beverage made by the Pabst company. It was a nice contrast of flavors. A few more beverages and more friends made for a fun evening, just like old times.

But one cannot have too much fun and frivolity when there is official business on the agenda!

I had to call it a night early, because my road trip was far from over. To be continued...

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