Saturday, May 20, 2006

Final Debate

After many, many forums and debates over the last year, the candidates seeking the Democratic Party's nomination for governor of Iowa faced off today in one last debate. It was the big one, so to speak.

I was there to do my part: waving signs at cars near the parking lot entrance.

For me, the highlight of the morning was when I was approached by a reporter from WOI Public Radio, I think it was Joyce Russell, who asked me if I would like to be interviewed about the race for governor. She asked me several questions, and I think I gave good responses. I haven't heard it yet on the radio, but I'll listen for it again tomorrow. Maybe they'll put the audio file on their website? I couldn't find it there yet.

I didn't have tickets to go inside, so I went with a group of Culver supporters to a comfortable location nearby where we watched the debate on TV. Afterwards, it was time to collect all of the signs and stuff.

As for the rest of the day's events...

To me, it was obvious that nothing really happened to change the dynamics of the race. Chet Culver came to the debate today as the clear front-runner. He communicated clearly and eloquently in the debate. The opponents did not score any knockout punches, therefore...Culver wins and cements his front-runner status in the final days before the election.

Oh, one thing I must mention that I found to be exceptionally ridiculous: After the cameras were off, the Blouin campaign staff attempted to make accusations of flip-flopping. No, I'm not joking.

I mean, Blouin is like the granddaddy of wafflers. In case you haven't heard, when he was in Congress he sponsored amendments to the United States Constitution that would make Bob Vander Plaats proud. And just last fall he went around bragging all the time that he was "pro-life." Then he abruptly changed his mind about it in November and now he's even using the word "veto" in public when asked about changing the laws on women's health care rights. Folks, that is not just a minor adjustment of nuance. That is an absolute 360 degree turnaround on one of the most contentious issues in the country, in a matter of a few short months.

That is a flip-flop. It goes way beyond the issue at hand. It's about trust. I have observed that voters generally tend to reject politicians who do things like that.

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