Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Culver holds commanding lead in Channel 8 poll

Great news today about the campaign. I was just watching the news on Channel 8 and they released the results of a poll.

Not only is he the front-runner, but Chet Culver is 13 points ahead of his closest rival in the Democratic Primary race! And the election is only two weeks away!

I'm really not surprised. I have heard so many good things from people lately about how they are solidly behind Chet in this race.

Here are the numbers from the poll:

Culver 38
Blouin 25
Fallon 20
Undecided 17

Chet has raised his support by five points since the last time Channel 8 did a poll. Blouin and Fallon, who were basically nobodies when this started, have also gained support, by nine points and seven points respectively.

Blouin's running mate was on there and she said she was thrilled. Thrilled to be losing by 13 points?

She was trying to spin the story by saying that they were gaining support the fastest or something. (Update: After seeing this in the online version of the story and analyzing the numbers a little more closely, I think it looks even better for the Culver campaign...I mean, Mike Blouin has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on positive and negative ads, and he remains locked in a contest with Ed Fallon for third place...they are still within the margin of error of each other!)

The best news of the whole poll story was the General Election matchup. Chet is beating Republican Jim Nussle by an even higher margin now than in March. Chet gets 49 percent of the vote compared to Nussle's 41 percent.

Blouin and Fallon would lose to Nussle if the election were held today.

The least surprising part of the story was the fact that they said Blouin does not receive much support from women in the Democratic Party. We all knew that already.

Here's what they're saying at Political Forecast.

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