Friday, May 19, 2006

Back Home Again -- Road Trip Part 1

I'm home from a nice long road trip.

It all started on Wednesday, when my wife and I made our way to Des Moines. She went to the Smart Talk Whoopi Goldberg show. I went to the campaign office and spent some time volunteering, making calls to Iowa City to invite people to a community gathering with Chet Culver.

We stayed the night in Des Moines, then I struck out on my own in the morning toward Iowa City. When I arrived in town, one of the first things I did was just drive around and look at the buildings that were damaged by the tornado a few weeks back. I had only seen photos until then.

It's just stunning to see those buildings and houses smashed like that. I have walked by many of those buildings and houses a million times before, thinking they'd probably just always be there. Amazing.

I spent the afternoon at my old roomie's place, it was nice that he was off work and we had time to just hang out for a while. He began making plans for a cookout, which was a really, really good idea.

Then I went downtown to the Cottage to help the guys get ready for the community gathering, which I will discuss in my next post.

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