Thursday, April 27, 2006

What forum was Yepsen watching?

I watched the Democratic Gubernatorial Forum on Tuesday night, and I watched it again this morning (I love my TiVo). It seems that David Yepsen must have been half asleep when he watched it, because he's way off in his column today as he assesses the forum. Way off.

Here's my take on the debate:

Even if I wasn't involved with this campaign, I'd definitely say that Chet Culver was the clear winner of the debate, and Ed Fallon performed very well, too.

Chet's delivery was clear and he looked in charge. Oh, and if anybody needs to control their "temper and scowl," it's Mike Blouin.

The clear loser in the forum was Sal Mohammed, of course. I like the guy, but it's just too hard to decipher what he's saying. And when you figure out what he said, it still doesn't make sense.

One of the highlights of the event came after Blouin had said that there would "ultimately be a federal solution" to the health care crisis.

Chet said he disagreed with Blouin, and offered his ideas for solving the health care crisis here in Iowa. Blouin then accused Chet of being "confused." Chet then delivered a brilliant riposte, and in the end, Blouin was the one who needed to control his scowl.

Chet also hit one out of the park with his closing comments. He looked cheerful and got his message out almost flawlessly.

I think it's funny that Yepsen is working so hard at making this race seem more competitive than it really is. He has to write about something, I suppose. But every measure shows Chet Culver as the clear winner of this Democratic Primary. And his lead is growing all the time. Yepsen's right about one thing: Chet is getting better, and forums like the one on Tuesday really show it.

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