Monday, April 24, 2006

Extreme Gardening

We're going to have lots and lots of veggies this year, or at least that's the plan. We're all set to have the largest garden we've ever planted.

We've chosen what I think should be an excellent location, situated in a spot with some really nice black dirt. I't was once a barnyard and feedlot for my and my brother's 4-H steers when we were kids, so you know it's fertile ground.

So far, we've planted seeds for radishes, cabbage, lettuce, jalapeno peppers, green bell peppers, an assortment of other colorful bell peppers, eggplant, lima beans and green beans.

Tomorrow I'm planning to plant corn, potatoes, peas and more green beans.

I've got some seeds starting in pots by the window in the garage as well, just in case. And to absolutely ensure that I will have tomatoes, I also cheated a little bit and bought a few pre-started peppers and tomatoes, just in case our seeds don't sprout.

Oh, I also have some garlic sprouting in a pot that I'll soon plant somewhere in the garden as well.

If things go well and these things grow I should have a great plenty of veggies to share with my friends and family. And I may even sell some at the farmer's market this summer.

On similar note, we've almost totally struck out on the morels so far this year. It's just too dry out there, I think.

My friend Jamey and his brother Damon came out a few days ago and we went for a quick hunt, but the three of us found nothing. Steva found four tiny little gray ones, but that's it. We gave two of the little gray ones to Jamey and Damon, so they didn't have to go home without any mushrooms.

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