Friday, March 31, 2006

Soup suppers

Long time no update. Sorry. I've been doing other things. Let's see...what's happening out there...

So somebody is planning a publicity stunt, to serve soup while Nussle rakes in the cash with Bush.

I actually attended a fantastic soup supper yesterday right here in Albia. It was for our local food bank, the Monroe County Helping Hands Center. They had a fund raiser to help offset the costs of a remodeling project on their building. They served soup during lunch and in the evening. I went for both. They had chili, cheesy potato and ham and beans. I had cheesy potato for lunch, and it was so good I decided to come back for more. They raised a whole bunch of money, and I was happy to play my part.

But anyway, Blouin is in a hotly contested battle for second place, so he really needs some free publicity. He's planning a big photo-op event to happen at the same time Nussle has his fund-raiser with Bush. I wonder which event Blouin's running mate will attend (hehee, get it?).

But enough of that. I have had a truly transcendent experience that I must share. I will explain in my next post.

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