Saturday, March 04, 2006

Monroe County Democratic Party Convention Report

(Updated from earlier post)
We had a nice morning at the courthouse for the county convention. It was great to see a lot of friends in attendance.

After the delegates were seated, we approved our platform positions. I don't have them word-for-word, but here's the gist of them:
1. Simplify the Medicare prescription drug program, making it easier for senior citizens to obtain their needed medications.
2. Sentencing reform: Make Iowa sentencing laws conform with the federal Truth in Sentencing law, providing an honest and accurate measure of the actual time an inmate will spend in prison.
3. Our National Parks must never be sold to loggers, oil drillers or mining companies.
4. The U.S. Constitution must be interpreted by the Supreme Court, and any elected official who does not conform to that interpretation must be removed from office (including the President of the United States).
5.Push for a paper printout capability on electronic voting machines.

We were asked if we wanted to break into preference groups. No motion for preference groups was made, so it died for lack of a motion.

Candidates for public office had the opportunity to speak.

The first speaker was Buzz Malone (yes, his real name is Buzz), from Chariton. He's running for the Iowa House of Representatives. I'd never met him before, but I'm very happy to see we finally have a Democratic candidate for this race. And Buzz is going to be a great candidate. He was funny, passionate, and he's got a great background. He's just the type of candidate we need at the Statehouse.

The next speaker was Connie Terry, wife of Dusky Terry. Dusky Terry is seeking the office of Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, which is the office my mom has held since she made history in 1998. Connie was very nice, and she visited with everyone. She sat by my grandpa.

Next up, was...ME! My mom was unable to attend because she was traveling around central Iowa to other conventions, so I took the opportunity to speak on behalf of the Culver-Judge ticket for Iowa Governor. I honestly did not know I was going to be doing this until this morning, so I didn't have a speech prepared. I just emphasized Chet Culver's strengths as a Democrat, and Mom's strengths and long record of service. I said that Mom and Chet are the only candidates in the race who have a record of winning statewide elections. I said that they have a proven record, over a long period of time, of being on the Democratic Party's side of the issues. I said that they are both well known throughout the state. And I said that there is never any question about where they stand on the issues. When Mom or Chet tell you something, they mean it. And the last point I emphasized strongly was the fact that they have both proven their dedication to the Democratic Party, unlike any of the other candidates in the race. I'd never given that kind of speech before, but I actually think I did alright. My wife said it was great.

In came Dodie Boswell! She is always fun. She started off by asking all of us in the room to take a really deep breath, look at the person next to us, exhale, and say " look good today!" Of course everybody laughed and we tried to do it, but it was basically just a big laugh. She gave a very informal talk about her husband, Rep. Leonard Boswell, and even sang us a song. The song was called "The Hills of Southern Iowa," which she wrote long ago when they were in Portugal. She said that he is working really hard right now, and that he has been through a tough time with his health but he's doing well. We all need to really work hard for Leonard and make sure he wins in November.

Then it was time for some of our great county officials. Monroe County Recorder Tracy Casady spoke, then Monroe County Supervisor Denny Ryan, County Attorney Steve Goodlow, and County Treasurer Sandy Clark. It's a great set of officials, and I'm sure they'll win re-election this November. (Steve Goodlow was really funny. He was sitting next to Denny Ryan, and he said he just couldn't bring himself to look at Denny and say " look good today!")

Later on, Matt Paul from the Blouin campaign came in. He gave his speech for Blouin, and hung around a while before leaving. He was polite.

Time to elect delegates to the Third District and State Conventions.

Monroe County gets four delegates. The first nominee approved was my brother, Joe Judge. The second nominee approved was my wife, Steva Havick Judge. The third nominee was Doran Haywood, but he graciously declined the nomination. Then, Eleanor Barnhill was nominated and approved. The fourth nominee that was approved was moi. Alternates will be my grandma, Lois Poole; my brother's fiancee Allison Paulk; and Betty Stewart.

After we adjourned, there was a county central committee meeting. My brother Joe was elected county party chairman.

Then we went to Granny's and had lunch.

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