Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Well, I finally have a little time to do a new post. I've been home, but haven't had much free time.

The INA convention was very interesting, with lots of great information. Michael Gartner gave a very enlightening presentation during the Past President's luncheon, discussing his new book. The book focuses on some of the greatest editorials in American history. Let me just say, a lot of bloggers out there could learn quite a few things by reading Gartner's book.

The highlight of the day was the gubernatorial candidate forum. It was cool to be a part of the audience for that. The questions that were asked, however, were rather lame. The only question of any value was regarding the open records laws in Iowa. The rest of the questions were pointless. All of the candidates are already on the record regarding choice, death penalty etc. The people asking those questions wasted everybody's time. All they'd need to do is get online and look up the candidates' positions on those issues. Duh.

Then it was off to Iowa City. I had tons of fun with a lot of good friends. I also collected a lot of signatures for Mom's nomination petitions. On Saturday, we went to see a band from Albia called Final Escape play at Gabe's. They put on a great performance. I was honestly very impressed with them, and I know they'll be very successful if they keep working hard.

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