Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Here's another link

The Patty Judge-Chet Culver announcement has had some good news coverage from all around the state. A Google News search for "Culver Judge" this evening shows news coverage all the way from the Quad Cities to Sioux City.

Here's another link to a TV station report that's really close to home, which is so cool. This is a written version of KTVO's report from Ottumwa.

After talking to people tonight, the general feeling from the campaign is that it was all good and there's a lot of excitement about a very successful day.

Of course, I must say this is not exactly how I imagined things would turn out in the campaign, but it's good for the Iowa Democratic Party and it's great for Iowa.

Yes, there will be naysayers. But I think when people look at the records and experience and ideas presented in these two candidates, people will conclude that this is absolutely the best choice for Iowa.

On another note, I received a phone call tonight from the campaign office of a gubernatorial candidate not named Culver. The friendly person called me by my legal name, and asked to confirm if I was a delegate to my county convention. I said yes, I am a delegate to the county convention.

They asked if I was planning to support their candidate in the primary. No, I said, until today, I was planning to support my mother, but after today I will be supporting Chet Culver. The man chuckled, and said something like, "Oh, I see." Then he politely asked if there was any way that I would support their candidate. I told him I would support the Democratic candidate in November, regardless of who wins the primary. But, I added again, I'd be supporting Chet Culver in the primary.

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