Sunday, January 22, 2006

Thank you

I need to thank State 29 for a gracious response to my previous post. I appreciate that. And yes, State 29 has generally been fair to my mom in their blogging.

I do, however, disagree with their assessment of the race. June is a long way off. Lots of things could happen before the voters make their decision. Mom clearly has the most experience, the best record and the best proposals on the table...and Iowa voters still have a lot of time to consider each of the candidates.

I would also respectfully disagree with the assertion that the anonymous letter was nothing more than a critique of Mom's stump speech. On the surface it appears to be more of a calculated attack than an honest critique.

Ask yourself...who goes to a political forum and just out of the blue decides to viciously and specifically attack two of the five candidates in an e-mail to a popular blog? Maybe Mom had a bad night, but c'mon, that sure didn't sound like an honest critique of a speech.

Anyway...I've been around politics for more than half my life, and my skin will probably never be thick enough.

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