Friday, January 27, 2006

A Song of Ice and Fire

George R. R. Martin has updated his website, and he gives us a few new hints as to what to expect in the next installment of A Song of Ice and Fire. Check it out.

For anyone who enjoys fantasy and science fiction, this guy is the best in the business. The only problem is, he's taking his own sweet time in finishing the series. But it's worth the wait. I've never read a fantasy series that was this engaging. It's got a little of everything, but what I love best is the medieval political intrigue he infuses in all of the storylines.

On the website, he also has a blog he calls Not A Blog, where there's a tidbit of his thoughts I really enjoyed about another guy named George.

Another cool thing about Martin, he used to work in Iowa. He taught at Clarke College in Dubuque in the 70s.

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