Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Makin Bacon

There's a new anonymous blog called "Who's Makin' Bacon," and they've got a bold proposal: eliminate the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture and the Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. I think that was a Republican idea thrown around last year, and it didn't go very far.

Now in my book, there's nothing wrong with the idea of shuffling responsibilities around, but I think this anonymous blogger has it almost exactly backwards.

The DNR is probably the department that should have a lot of its responsibilities and staff shifted to other departments. Namely, the responsibilities of agriculture regulation. Those regulations now are under multiple departments, are disjointed and are not working very well.
Plus, it's just better to have these responsibilities under an elected official. Seems to me we shouldn't be putting all of the power in the hands of the appointed department heads. What if a Republican won the governor's office some time in the future? (Although I don't believe that will happen this year) A Republican governor would probably not put the right people in charge of the DNR.

Mom has a good Comprehensive Land Use proposal that would solve a lot of the problems we have now, and part of the proposal is streamline the ag regulations into one department. Under the proposal, zoning boards at the local level would be empowered to decide where certain types of agricultural operations should and should not be located. A state-level board would set the parameters and ensure that counties were in compliance.

But as I've said before, I'm obviously partial to my mom and her ideas.

Who's Makin' Bacon...reminds me of an old coffee mug at our neighbor's house that had a rather vulgar cartoon on it.

This Makin' Bacon guy (or gal?) is a complete jerk. He or she is just a mean-spirited crank, just tearing people down while offering no ideas or solutions. Now we know why they hide their identity. I'd be ashamed, too, if I ever did that.

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