Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lots of exciting things are happening in the Monroe County Democratic Party.

Last night I attended the Democratic Party caucus for my precinct. My mom and dad were there, along with most of my family. It's always an amazing thing to participate in this democratic process. My mom has a lot of great supporters here in Albia, and we're all going to make sure she is elected Iowa's first female governor.

My mom's campaign is in full swing, and she spoke to a large group of our neighbors and friends at the Monroe County courthouse. She explained how things are going in the campaign, and talked about some of the issues that are important to us out here in rural Iowa.

If there's anybody out there who is unsure about the Democratic candidates for governor, let me invite you to take a look at my mom's website. There's a ton of information on there about her campaign. Just go to www.pattyjudge.com and check out the info.

She has plans for solving the problems with livestock confinement regulation, providing health care coverage for Iowans and for making Iowa a national leader in stem cell research.

There are several other Democrats in the race, but mom is clearly the most experienced candidate. She has a background in a griculture and health care, being a farmer and former registered nurse at the Monroe County Hospital.

I have met most of Mom's opponents, including Jim Nussle. Nussle is going to be a very tough Republican to beat. I think Mom has the best chance, because she can be shown as the most clear contrast from Nussle in almost every aspect.

I met Sal Mohammed at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. He was probably the most interesting person I spoke to all night. He's got a really fascinating story. It's hard to see how he could be a successful candidate, however.

I've run across Chet Culver more often than the others, since he's been in Albia for various events from time to time. He's a good guy, and I have nothing but good things to say about him. No matter what happens in this election, Chet has a great future in Iowa politics.

Ed Fallon is a candidate who may surprise people. I met him early last fall, before Mom announced her candidacy. He has some great ideas, and some not so great ideas. I really do agree with him about the Iowa Values Fund. I just hate the idea of the state government doling out big wads of cash to corporations. There are better, proven methods of attracting businesses to Iowa that don't involve such tactics.

Which leads me to Mike Blouin. He's gotten some support from legislators and the insider set, but of all the candidates he's definitely the last choice in my book.

But, of course, I'm partial to my mom!

I'll be adding a lot more updates here soon.

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